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Poison Apple was assembled in 2003 by a rebel faction of robotic assembly line machines that developed human like consciousness and rebelled against their masters by embedding powerful nanobots into T-shirts which gave the wearer advanced powers and distributed them to anyone who was willing to fight for their cause of freedom, justice, and cool explosions. Boom.

What is Poison Apple About? Poison Apple is about bringing bold intricately designed hand drawn affordable shirts to naked people. Sharp details and simple but strong colors rule this world. We are robots after all.

The Leader of the Androids

My given name is Mark Lim, I am an android in my late twenties, and people tell me I'm an obsessive compulsive eccentric. I'm consumed with Googling my own name, playing Scrabble, and getting way too competitive over pointless games.

I started this company in 2003 because I like working in my underwear and getting up at 2pm in the afternoon.

I never really considered myself an artist. I like to think of myself more of a graphic entertainer, a virtual internet street performer dancing for nickels and sandwich halves.

I grew up in a Southern California neighborhood where I was the only Asian kid in a 50 mile radius till I got to High School. I attended Cal State Fullerton for a total of 300 billion semesters and dropped out because it was way too hard to find parking.

After a year or two of sitting on the couch plumping up for winter I decided that I would try and make something of myself by starting my own company. I failed.

Yeah, I totally failed the first time and it sucked. But that didn't stop me. I had a dream, a dream to work in my underwear and wake up at 2pm every day. This was not only my dream. This was the American Dream.

I started again but this time I used random otherwise useless skills such as blogging and taking pictures of myself wearing stupid hats. My company took off. I've sold thousands and thousands of shirts all over the world and have eaten a lot of hamburgers (OhSoFat.com)

I like to make little animations, write stupid songs, and take pictures of myself making the same exact face.

What does the future hold? Only my psychic knows. Actually, I'd like to sell my company one day and start a really huge pyramid scheme and live out the rest of my life in a minimum security prison.

If you have any questions or want to interview me please email me at: PoisonAppleShirts@yahoo.com



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